About Us

About Us

Hello and thank you for visiting www.financetalkaustralia.com where we aim to provide everyday Australians with information to help them seek out the finance they need, regardless of their credit history.

Having a bad credit history does not immediately rule a person out from obtaining a loan,but there a certain steps you should take to before you apply for a loan to help give yourself the best possible chance at gaining a positive outcome.

Banks and other financial lenders have a business to operate and as a result they need to make sure that they don’t take on any customers that are deemed to represent a large financial risk to them. They don’t necessarily not want to lend money to people with a bad credit history, they just want to be sure that whomever they do lend money to can pay it back.

For this reason almost anyone can take a few steps in the months leading up their loan application to help the lenders look more favorably upon their loan application. This website exists for this simple reason:

To help everyday Australians understand what they can do to help alleviate the negative impact their previous financial mistakes are having on their current situation.

If you would like any further information, or if you have any suggestions that would help make our site a better resource for our readers please contact us here. We would love to hear from you!