Bad Credit Loans Australia

Bad Credit Loans Australia Guide

bad credit loansTrying to get a loan when your credit history is bad can be very difficult and your chances of success can be very slim if you don’t prepare your loan application well. While there are a number of different types of loans you can apply for obtaining finance for anything when your credit is not great will generally come down to a few common factors. This website is not only aimed at helping people with a negative credit score obtain finance that they can afford but also helping them develop good financial habits that will ensure they are able to regain a good credit rating and keep it there.

Check Your Credit History

If you know that your credit history is not great you should get access to your own personal credit file. This will allow you to see what issue you currently have so you know what the lenders will be concerned about.

For example, if you have a terrible credit record often your history will show a series of defaults or non payments on existing loans. To rectify this you simply need to ensure you start paying your loans on time for a few months.

Start Saving

savings accountTo help put the lenders mind at ease, you should start a small savings account and consistently put money into it. It does not have to be much but if you can show that you are able to save money up a month or two worth of loans repayments then the lenders will see that you have a buffer and will be able to continue to pay off your debts even if some unforeseen expenses come up.

These two points combined are the cornerstone of obtaining poor credit loans in Australia. While some companies out there may advertise bad credit loans with guaranteed approval in Australia, there really is no such thing and your will have to work on improving your credit score to get anywhere near a guaranteed approval.

Below are some different types of bad credit loans that you may apply for along with links to our full page guide for each. The loan guides have been split up into pages because there are some slight differences in the tactics required for each type of loan, so choose the best category for you to learn what actions you can take right now to get yourself funded!


Bad Credit Personal Loans

bad credit personal loans australiaThere are a number of reasons that you may find yourself in need of personal loan such as replacing old and worn out appliances, going on a holiday or maybe even to consolidate some of your existing loans into one monthly payment. Having a negative credit history will have an impact on your ability to obtain a personal loan but there are steps you can take to dramatically increase your success rate. As with most things in life, it’s all about preparation and making sure you understand exactly what you need to do before you apply. If you are looking for a personal loan and your credit is not great, check out our full page guide here.


Bad Credit Car Loans

bad credit car loansAt some point or another everyone needs to upgrade their car, but if you have a poor credit rating you may find it difficult to easily obtain finance. Not only will you find it difficult to even get a foot in the door with a major bank, but if you do get offered a loan the interest rate is likely be so high that it will leave your wallet really stinging. There are a number of things you can do in preparation before you apply for a car loan to give you the best possible chance of success so be sure to read our guide on car loans for credit impaired people here before you apply for a loan.


Loans For Unemployed People On Centrelink

loans for unemployed people on centrelinkIf you find yourself unemployed and on Centrelink you will have basically no chance at obtaining finance from a mainstream bank or financial institution. One of the biggest pre-qualifiers for getting a loan is having a stable job so without one you will need to look elsewhere to get access to a loan. Fortunately, there are some great options out there for you, with some of the cash loans for unemployed people available even offering zero interest rate finance. If you are unemployed and on Centrelink please read our guide here specifically designed to help you before you deal high interest and high risk loan providers.