The Nature of Fast Cash Loans

The Nature of Fast Cash Loans

Fast loans can be hard to come by, and for good reason – for someone to part with their hard earned money, they want to make sure they will get it back safely. They’ll want to know what kind of person you are, what you want the money for and how likely you are to be able to pay the money and interest back on time.

The Kind Of Person Who Can Get Loans Fast And Easy

Fast loan companies are looking for people who can repay the money. Purely and simply, this is the essence of it – what it all boils down to. If you cannot repay the money, they lose the money. Why do you think they lend the money to you in the first place? Is it the compassion and kindness of their hearts? No, rather they are a business.

Even Mother Theresa had her motives for taking care of the sick, she was not as pure and loving as she was so famously known for. After she died, some who knew her personally revealed to journalists that she was putting on a show the whole time to receive donations, most of which she would keep for herself while patients lay dying without medical attention. If Mother Theresa was only in it for the money, all the much more the money lenders.

Money lenders are like anybody else in that they don’t want to lose money, they want to make money. So they tend to lend to people who look like they can repay the money. Think of it as an investment for them – they are hoping to make a return on their investment, or an ROI. When you repay your loan with interest, they make a profit. If they have to spend money to make sure you repay what you owe, these expenses cut down on their profits. They would much rather you just paid without them having to chase after you. This is how the world works.

If you want to encourage a money lender to lend money to you, you have to think like them. You have to understand what it is that they are looking for. What are they looking for? ROI. That is, someone who will diligently make their repayments on time, with interest. So you want to look like that kind of person. Dress like someone who looks like they could probably repay their loans fast.

Dress Like You Should Be Lending Them The Money

This means wear a suit and tie, polish your shoes, comb your hair and shave your face. You will not suffocate if you put on a tie. Even if it is the first time in your life that you have ever worn a tie, now is a good time to put one on. Your suit does not have to be expensive, it just has to look expensive. Second-hand suits, shirts, shoes and ties can be purchased very cheaply from the Salvation Army and similar shops, and these are all it takes to look the part.In fact, if you have never worn a tie before, perhaps that is why you don’t have enough money now and need to take out a loan. Wear a suit and tie not only when you are applying for loans and business opportunities, but also when you are trying to get work done at home. When you wear a suit and tie, your mind is fashioned in such a way that you feel more professional and therefore act more professionally.

Teresa Gattung, the CEO of Telecom New Zealand (when it was called Telecom), wore a suit and tie during her whole time at university, and took her books to school in a briefcase. She looked the part, she felt the part, she acted the part, then she became the CEO of Telecom. You should do that too. That was in New Zealand, so how about Australia? Australian cities like Perth have a better economy than Wellington – in dressing up for fast cash loans, Perth would surely require a higher standard!

There was an interesting video on Youtube recently in which a homeless man dressed up in a suit and asked pedestrians for change. When he was dressed as a homeless man everybody ignored him, but when he was dressed in a suit and tie and asked people for change, they all were glad to help him and he collected a lot of money. While this shows the lack of pity that pedestrians have towards the homeless, it also shows us that we should all wear a suit.

If a millionaire would dress like a homeless man for fun, he would not be able to get a loan while dressed that way. He would have to go home and dress up before anyone would believe that he is who he says he is. On the other hand a homeless man might dress like a millionaire with a cheap second-hand suit and be able to pass off as a normal person, and obtain a loan. What you wear therefore is very important! This may not apply of course if you get your fast loans online, but as long as the lender can see your face, make sure you look the part.

What You Want The Fast Loans For: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

There are many reasons why people would want fast cash loans. Perhaps you’re starting up your own business and just need a little jump start to get your first client. Perhaps your mother is sick and you need to get her some medicine. Perhaps, like in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels you played a dodgy game of poker and have some thugs hunting you down for their money. Whatever your reasons, you need money and you need it quick. Seriously though – if its the third reason, don’t tell anyone that!

You can categorise these three reasons for wanting cash loans fast into three types – I’m going to call them “the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”, because the world of fast cash loans really is the ‘wild west’:

  • The Good: To Make More Money
  • The Bad: Legitimate But Unprofitable
  • The Ugly: Better Kept Unsaid

The Good: Nothing makes a money lender feel more comfortable in parting with their money than knowing that their money will directly contribute to making more money, which is why fast loans for business are easier to obtain. Its only logical – the borrower will easily have the money to repay the loan once their business starts making money. Of course, the lender will want to know what kind of business opportunity the money will be spent on, that it is likely to be successful, but overall, it looks good.

The Bad: If you need a loan for other reasons that are perfectly legitimate, thats okay, but you better have an explanation ready as to how you will pay it back. Perhaps you need the money now, but you can afford to pay back a certain amount each week on your current income and can finish paying it back within a certain timeframe, and thats great. Its not as good as a business loan, but its still okay – there are some lenders with whom you are still likely to be able to get the loan as long as you are clear as to how you will pay it back, and you can explain that to the lender. Perhaps it is a little harsh for me to call this a bad reason, especially with fast payday loans – but it is definitely the case for bank loans.

The Ugly: There are some people out there whose actions call for a negative response (A.K.A. the ‘Epic Facepalm’) from would-be lenders. Perhaps you want to borrow money to fuel your drug addiction, pay back another money lender, or to prevent certain gang members from breaking your knee-caps. In matters like these, it is probably better to ask your parents for help if you are in danger, or otherwise simply make-do without the money. Earn it yourself. No matter how many times lenders may cry out “Easy fast cash loans!”in their advertising, that is not what they had in mind – and if they know that this is why you want to borrow money, it will not be so easy anymore.

This is somewhat obvious and self-explanatory, but it is surprising how many people come asking for a loan for such reasons. The knee-capping example admittedly is not so bad – despite having done something seriously naughty to get into that predicament, knee-cap preservation is a legitimate need in people’s lives and perhaps deserves an exception to the rule. Nevertheless if you need a loan to repay gang members before they crack your knee-caps, don’t write that down as a reason for wanting a loan on your loan application form. Simply writing “health reasons” will suffice.

As mentioned earlier, some need a loan so that they can repay another lender. What this says to the lender is that they are likely to repay their loan with yet another loan, which they might not be able to attain due to their web of lies. Don’t do that, unless your knee-caps are at stake. This should really go without saying, but in this day and age, it has to be spelled out in clear terms. As a general rule-of-thumb, make your repayments with your own money, not with money borrowed from elsewhere.

How Likely You Are To Be Able To Pay Back The Loans Fast

If you have a nice job your income shows lenders that you are more likely to be able to repay the loan. There are fast cash loans for unemployed people available, but they are more of an exception than a rule. Those with jobs are at an advantage in finding work as they don’t just look like they can repay the loan, but they really are able to do so. Some lenders require proof of your income before you are qualified to receive a loan.


While all these principles are standard among most lenders, there are some who cater to the needs of those who would not otherwise qualify to receive any loans. Because their interest is so high and they are so brutally efficient in making sure that the borrowers repay what they owe, they are able to offer fast long term loans, no credit check required. Usually for fast easy cash loans, bad credit would be a hindrance, but not for these lenders. They even provide fast loans for unemployed people.

They can do this because they have a cost effective way of ensuring repayments, and also – pay attention, because this is important: their ROI that they are looking for is not necessarily someone who repays immediately, but someone who racks up so much compound interest that they are forced to pay the money lender a small (or even a big) fortune. This can be difficult for borrowers, but is not so bad for the money lending party. While other money lending companies are looking for someone who can make repayments quickly, those companies that offer quick fast cash loans are not as concerned about that as they are about racking up lots of compound interest. To them, it’s a matter of some profit now, or lots of profit later.

Perhaps if you stagger into their office like a caveman with a chin covered in stubble and big hairy arms and tell them with broken grammar, “Hey. You. I need fast cash loan now”, they will look at you and see a big opportunity for them to make money. So they lend you the money and you repay it in full a few days later. Ha! You showed them! They thought you were going to get into debt but you paid it off quickly! In actual fact even if you do pay on time, they like that too. So really, you didn’t show them anything except that their judgement of character has its exceptions. Therefore I’m not suggesting that you should do this, because as I stressed so clearly earlier you should dress in a suit and tie and make yourself look so suave that the CEO of the money-lending company looks scruffy standing next to you. In this way you look like you should be the one lending money to them, and they will be happy to lend to you, even if you repay the loans on the same day that you received them. If you enjoy taking out such brief loans, perhaps you will do it again, and you can build a lasting business relationship with them.

Of course, with such high interest it can be a dangerous move to take out such a loan, fast approval is great and all but it comes with a big price tag that can cause financial stress if not repaid promptly. Not everybody can repay the loan on the same day that it was issued, and those can can do so probably do not need the loan in the first place. However as long as you know that you will have the money to repay in the future and you don’t mind paying that extra cost just to make sure that you receive that fast loan today, it may well be worth it. For example, perhaps you need money to pay for a flight overseas so that you can attend an event that will happen soon. You will have more than enough money to repay the loan when you get paid, but your payday is a week after the event. So you take out one of these fast loans in minutes, and before you know it you’re on the plane. After the event you come home and when payday comes around you prompty repay your loan. This is a good example of one of those perfectly normal and perfectly safe loans, fast cash does not always mean dangerous cash!

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